2 Ways To Get Back the Sex Drive in Your Relationship

Get Back the Sex Drive in Your Relationship

Sex is vital in making relationships bond closely as it helps couples to stay emotionally and physically connected.

But what if a partners drive for sex declines or if you both rarely have such sexual intimacy any longer?

Is that the end of the union? It shouldn’t!

A sexless marriage is a union where couples have little or no sexual intercourse with each other. A couple who have less than twenty sexually intimate moments within a year can be placed within the sexless marriage category.

However, it should be noted that the abstinence from sexual intercourse between couples isn’t a bad omen, provided both spouses feel genuinely satisfied and happy in their relationship.

Several couples abide by such way of life, and their marriage still thrives.

But where the lack of physical intimacy makes a partner feel unloved and unhappy calls for concern in bring back the sexual desires in yourselves.

At the earlier part of a marriage between couples, they usually can’t take their hands off each other for a second without having sex which becomes frequent until a period when owing to several responsibilities and issues; the sex frequency gradually declines.

The place of being too familiar as a reason for the decline should be checked out as the union is a lifelong one.

For a fact, couples in a relationship like marriage tend to have a declining frequency of sexual intercourse through the years.

The frequent times when you have sex in a day alone then drops to once weekly and takes a sharp downwards decline to less than five times a year, which eventually affects the cordiality of a marriage.

This is why couples owe it to themselves to always lubricate whatever frictions might be present in the sex aspect of their union by doing the following.

Work as a team

Help each other to get back into the mood again. It takes working together as a team to make this work. You both need to bring back that physical intimacy and passion for the sake of even your kids and marriage.

Be open to discussing sexual intercourse between yourselves. There’s no need to be shy, try to find out how the randy experiences you once had between yourselves became forgotten about. Make it a playful challenge to get that sex flame back.

If it would require breaking off your routine to ignite the flame, then do it. Turn your phones off or take a vacation to one of the most romantic places, watch recommended erotic movies together and discuss each other sexual desires.

Have a sex time table

Yeah, it has always been said that sex should be spontaneous and not planned. However, you both would make an exception to such saying by including sex in your plans and schedule.

It may sound like a task or a job but remember you both need to accomplish the goal of bringing back the intimacy and passion needed to sparkle the attraction between yourself, all of which would require some commitment. At this point, following through your sex plan should be adhered to until the sex flame has been lit up.

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