3 Sex Tips for Men to Conquer Any Woman in Bed

Conquer Any Woman in Bed

What is the key to turning a woman on?

Why do women take so long before reaching orgasm compared to men? Does the size of a man’s genitals matter?

Does any of the questions above sound familiar?

These questions will certainly ring a bell if you are like the over 100,000 men searching for solutions to problems on sex, relationship and dating.

Have you ever wondered if there is really any secret to being good in bed? Then nothing is more rewarding than hearing your woman scream from the pleasure of being turned on. Once you can discover what gets them on, you can be sure of finding a loyal servant.

Listed below are 3 simple tips you could put to use and see your lady reeling from being turned on whenever you guys are in bed.

Communication is the ultimate seducer

Here is the flash light reality. Women are wired differently from men. So also is the spot that gets the ladies heart pumping real hard- their most soft horny spot is actually the ears, and not between their legs as most folks have been made to believe.

There are many wild and wonderful ways to get her horny with words, both before, during and after sex. One thing worth noting is that turning her on with sweet words before the main bedroom section would get her into multiple orgasm during sex.

Also worth noting is that, what you say to her after an intercourse is as essential as what you say before the last sex you both had. Why? You have simply made the ground fertile for the next intimate action .

Don’t Be in a Haste! (However, do this instead,  if the routine is urgent)

Yes, it is well known that men are the kings of quickie. But you don’t need to end there. Women adore foreplay, and if you truly want her craving for you, you can’t leave her unsatisfied too often. If you can’t hold off climaxing too quickly, then spend more time focusing on foreplay before penetrating.

Why? Because most women can climax fairly quickly, after her genitals have been lubricated  from foreplay, and this makes it easier for you both to reach climax while she is in her cloud of orgasm.

Experiment & Embrace the erotic adventure! (and try new things)

Women love the thrill from trying something new . While most men are more eager to rush up things, most women would rather prefer the pleasure to begin slowly as it builds up till it explodes.

The curiosity for adventure is what slows down their climaxing.

Get to ask her what she likes and see how you both can try new spots in the house like on a table along with so many other spots.

After getting clues from her, take firm control and get creative with dynamic positions that could stimulates a soft spots.

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