3 Ways to Avoiding the Friend zone

Avoiding the Friend zone

Be Playful Around her

When you’re attempting to build informal rapport with women, always start by teasing them.

Avoid becoming a comedian or jerk in the process of Teasing her, just have fun and a little playful moment with her while acting as though you have known her for ages is how to achieve such aim.

Feel comfortable around her and go into that moment as though you are just here to have a nice time with yourself. It is nothing serious.

It is coming from a place of my attraction towards you, which says I like you and I feel you have impressed me a little which is why I am here to mess around with you.

When most clingy guys talk to pretty girls, they become too serious- avoiding any jokes, in the hopes that they do not offend her.

Always tease women you’re attracted to, just as long it is coming from a place of love and as long as you do it with a cheeky smile on your face. As long as there’s a twinkle in your eye and the sub-communications should say you like them and you’re having fun with them.

Just make sure you make some alluring eye contact and carry relaxed body composure!

Put her on a Constant Challenge

Training yourself to develop a challenging attitude when dealing with women is what places you at the A- game level. Start challenging them right from the onset of your rapport with them. Do not be any push-over who bows to her request now and then.

Flip the script on her, if she says something that differs with what you like, say it to her face. If she says ‘I like cats,’ you could disagree by saying ‘I guess you wouldn’t be coming over to my place as I can’t stand the sight of cats.’

The fact that you could challenge her when a hundred and one guys out there have agreed with everything she has said would make her see you as no pushover. Women are drawn to guys who have their standards and authority.

Compliment her Sexually

The difference between a friend and you who wants to take things to a deeper level is that friends stop on the surface, which is where you don’t want to stay. You want to take your rapport deeper by passing subtle sexual compliments.

If there’s a lady you just saw across the street and you walked up to her, let her know your intentions right off the gate. Be honest and upfront regarding how you feel about her.

If she is sexy and you know that, then tell her that. If you think she was attractive and has got a gorgeous smile, let her know. If you think she’s is worthy of being your girl let her know. If you get turned on by her, let her know!

Being up straight about the moment and not over thinking before reaching out to her to express your heart would place you right far from being friend zoned.

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