34 Unique Ways to Express Your Love Verbally

Ways to Express Your Love Verbally-

The love of your life- may not be the first person you had sex with, may not even be the first person you kissed or even the first person you dated. However, such a person is one you would always compare to others, the one whom you so loved from depths within your heart and whom you still think about after moving on.

Loving another, even though it could take so much emotional energy (that makes it difficult to break), is still worth the stress, holding onto and never letting go.

Listed below are unique ways to express your love to your treasured partner verbally.

  1. I’ll wait for you… even if it is till the end of the world.
  2. I prepared your favorite meal… sharing a meal with you makes my day.
  3. Your essence melts me…even in the winter.
  4. You’re so sweet that I just got attacked by ants loving the little rub-off you have on me. (kidding) I will stay in your arms forever.
  5. Your cup of juice is incomparable… as my love for you is.
  6. I feel safe with you… I can’t be scared by the shattering thunderstorms.
  7. I’ll take care of you… in the best way possible.
  8. I’ll stay by your side… in both good and bad times.
  9. I’m here for you, now and always… even when you have no need of me.
  10. I’ll make out time for you… my priority is you.
  11. I don’t want to lose you… you’re my favorite person.
  12. I can see my future with you… let’s make it possible.
  13. I won’t forget you… even if the crows turn white.
  14. My happiness is tied to you. Even if I am twisted by life’s ordeal.
  15. I’ll stay strong for you alone… even to our old age.
  16. You’re the first person I want to behold whenever I awake. You’re so special.
  17. I’m More than contended with you. I’ll stay faithful.
  18. You are my everything… I can’t find another like you.
  19. You said you needed some space, so I gave it to you… your wish is my command.
  20. I can’t imagine you with someone else… it’ll break my heart.
  21. Thank you for everything. And I mean everything.
  22. Hey, my sunshine. You’re my happiness.
  23. I can’t give up… I’ll hold on to you no matter what.
  24. Don’t go anywhere… stay by me.
  25. I will choose you… even if the world turns its back on me.
  26. I forgive you… my love is bigger than your mistake.
  27. I want you back… you never left my mind since then.
  28. I miss your voice… it makes me fall in love with you all over again.
  29. I think about you all the time… even when I’m hurt by you.
  30. I hope we could be together … I miss laughing with you.
  31. I’ll protect you… there’s no one could hurt you.
  32. I care not if you’re sick… I’ll kiss you until you feel strong again.
  33. It’s so hard spending a day without talking to you… acting like I don’t care.
  34. I love you… for who you are, all that you have been, and all you’re yet to be.

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