5 Reasons People Stay in Touch with their Ex

reasons people stay in touch with their ex

It is normal for one’s relationships with a partner to come to an end (due to various reasons). When such happens, it is expected that in the instance where one of them was too emotionally attached to the other, any means of rapport is cut off so that they both could move on. But in several instances, you may not want to completely sever the attraction with your ex, Why?

Stepping backwards

This act could be referred to as being double-minded, where you can’t seem to put your past firmly behind you. The attachment to your ex can be compared to still holding on to a dead phone that isn’t working in the hopes that it would come back up- it makes no sense.

You may need to come to terms with the reality of him/her being your ex and move on.

A New Start

Once your relationship with your ex has come to an end, you would do yourself a great deal of good by immediately focusing more of your thought, attention, and energy on other areas of your life; don’t have anything to get occupied with? Go learn a skill which could be just about anything.

More so important is the whole issue that looks like a set-back may instead offer you an opportunity to discover yourself. Find out what makes you tick and your purpose.

A Habit

This is the force of nature that could be of good to you or otherwise. Do you have a pattern of always going back on your words, it could be as little as going back to wear a cloth you had previously thrown away.

Such behavior could really mar your ability to move on when you need do so. Dealing with such lifelong habit should be your priority before getting into any new relationship.

Fringe Benefits

Some folks really have no control over their feelings. So, in essence, staying in touch with your ex makes it easier to keep your emotions in check, so you don’t get into a traumatic state should you completely cut off.

Besides your ex could still offer you support in certain areas where it was once offered.

Just maybe you both enjoyed certain benefits like good sex or money while still been together; it might be a really tough task completely separating from your ex. Yeah, letting go of those goodies can be hard.

Emotional balance and self-control

A plague that has befallen many is their inability to keep their emotions in check, to simply put, they have no restraint. It can at best be imagined the disaster waiting to happen if such an individual gets into a relationship.

Should you be in the receiving end of such break-up, it might be difficult to let go as you can’t just seem to keep your emotions in check.

There could be more mutual benefits to gain from your ex other than intimacy, and it is more about recognizing whether such benefits are worth keeping in touch with such persons while respecting each other.

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