6 Causes and Solutions to Low Sex Drive

6 Causes and Solutions to Low Sex Drive

Sexual desire stands tall among several hormonal forces that can drive a human to accomplish several tasks. It is no doubt a vital part of an animal’s health. An animal whose sexual organ isn’t in shape is sure to function lesser than the others especially the males.

For some persons, their sexual desire may be low or completely absent. Such persons face a huge challenge of maintaining their relationship with their partner, especially if that partner has an intense sex drive.

Regardless of whatever level of low sex drive you may find yourself in, it is possible to have that daring problem solved. Don’t be like most Persons who do not seek medical advice, but most persons would rather suffer in silence than seek safe treatment of whatever issues they are suffering from. The bottom line here is there is help for whatever sexual problems you may be facing, and your ego isn’t bruised if you seek for medical help (advice for the men).

Just before talking about the remedy to a low sex drive, it is needful we look at what causes low sex drive(LSD)

While they are many causes of LSD, a few listed below are;

Low testosterone

Decrease in testosterone level is a normal aspect of the aging process. But when the testosterone level drops during adulthood or in the middle age, then the person becomes more and more uninterested in engaging in sexual activity.


Certain types of medication can artificially reduce the libidinal instinct. In this case, the most widely observed culprits are anti-depression and high blood pressure medication.

Psychological disorders

Problems like stress, anxiety, and depression are becoming a common part of modern life. Such kind of psychological ailments can severely affect the libido level, thus making the person uninterested in sex.

Chronic pain

The presence of constant pain for several days can gradually dampen a person’s sexual desire. The pain can become so annoying and be distracting that it may give rise to the problem.

Sleep problems

Research has shown time and again that people who have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, face issues regarding their level of libido. People affected by sleep disorders like insomnia are at higher risk of suffering from low sexual desire than others.

How to tackle low sexual desire

This is indeed a serious problem, but a cure is not impossible. Today, the issue has gained much attention in the medical community. Clinics which specialize in treating sexual problems are present in most cities and towns. In the fight against this inadequacy, natural treatment has shown great promise. Ayurvedic and Unani treatment has been able to successfully cure the problem of low sexual desire by using herbal remedies and dietary changes. More and more specialists are now turning to safe treatment systems like Ayurveda and Unani in helping the affected find long-term relief from low sexual desire. These ancient medical disciplines are helping countless men and women revive their flagging desire and regain marital bliss in their lives in a natural, safe and effective manner, without the fear of any side effect.

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