6 Fun and Silly Ways of Playing with your Partner

playing with your partner

A romantic relationship is like a burning log of wood whose flame could turn off if not taken care of. You, therefore, owe it to the happiness of yourself and partner to fan your love to flames so as to spark up sweet feelings in your relationship.

Playing with each other and being nasty once in a while wouldn’t hurt a fly. Stop being too rigid and all grumpy to enjoy yourselves.

Being playful helps in strengthening your bond and makes you feel better about each other.

Remember, this shouldn’t be limited to just moments before you both planned to have sex.

So then, how do you both live a more fun filled life?  Check below for tips.

Engage in the play of chasing each other

Grab something and run (could be a phone or just about anything) from your partner and make him/her walk over to get it from you, but rather than giving in to the pressure of returning it, run off with it. He or She would run for it at this point. Run around in such a way that you would appear so close but yet an arm’s length away. Run around your home surroundings and allow your spouse to get the stuff after you are both exhausted. This kind of active play makes you both feel alive and would leave you with memories to treasure your relationship.

Give a surprise treat

Whenever your partner is busy attending to something or importance to the family, sneak in from behind and give him/her a soft-soothing massage while holding his/her waist,  ask in a funky voice what is being done and afterward present the small gift to him/her. For ladies, a banquet of flowers would do just fine while for the guys, a wristwatch would do. Just be creative

Take a round spin together

Taking a round circular turn could really get your hearts all pumped-up from the thrills of a twisted spinning image that keeps showing itself- The physically stronger one among you both could lift the other by the legs and rotate while still firmly holding on. Such play would get you both laughing and excited.

Take a Competition

We all live in a competitive world where to compete can sometimes be interpreted as a war, but you both could turn that around by engaging in any fun competition where you both stand an equal chance of winning. Do not pick cooking competition should you as a woman be a better cook. The goal of such experience is just to have fun while striving.

Go to a dance club together

You folks once went out to various clubs while single. You shouldn’t shut such option off even if you are married. Go out of your usual spot to somewhere you could have a good dance together.

Cheer her up with lots of snap

Have you ever seen your partner having a sad moment or being moody? A simple way to get your spouse off such state is to keep taking photo shots while at the same time asking gentle questions in a soft tone and funny tone.

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