Avoid These Dreadful Mistakes When You Want to Propose

Mistakes When You Want to Propose

A question she would inevitably be asked by friends on seeing the ring on her finger is “how did he propose?” which apparently would be followed by a heart-felt elated response narrating the sequence with which it all happened. Now that entire story would have been real if the proposal was so spectacular.

However, imagine the false smile on her face as she tries to tell a made-up story of ‘various scenes at play while she received the marriage question,’ while she cringes within herself at how awkward the engagement experience was.

The moment of a proposal is beyond words a special one for her. Do not for once get cold thinking that it isn’t. Ladies right from when they were kids have always been exposed to tales of how a Knight and shining prince swept her feet off.

She needs to experience the feet-sweeping moment as you propose to her. You have just one chance to make the experience a memorable one for her. Don’t screw it up.

Here is a list of things that wouldn’t settle well with her, which you must be smart to avoid.

Do not place the ring in a food or drink.

While some individuals might be comfortable with such a method, putting a ring in a glass of her favourite wine is unhygienic and not nice. Have you considered that she could swallow the ring, or how stained the priced ring is in the meal or champagne?

Do not propose during sex.

May seem logical to some extent, especially in the heat of the moment, but too explicit that you wouldn’t want to tell your friends about it in years to come about how he popped the question after the act.

Do not propose on a Major Occasion.

Such way of asking for her hand is too lousy to be considered unique.

The moment where he needs make such request should be at a place where she hears and feels the soft breeze flowing within along with other sounds to make it a worthwhile experience or a place where there is low noise.

But in a super noisy sports pitch, for instance, you both are bound to be distracted.

Do Not Believe Her 

DO NOT believe your fiancé to-be when she tells you how unimportant a glamorous proposal is. Do not get laid back and take such moment lightly. Even if your girlfriend is the most unperturbed girl you have ever known, that moment would mean everything to her if creatively executed.

Do Push the Surprise to the Extreme

Yeah, the whole experience should be one of a surprise.  But should it be pushed too far? No. It means that do not be sneaky in trying to make your proposal, imagine sneaking into her office to propose when she’s having an intent moment at her workplace. That is one heck of a surprise taken too far.

Do not catch her off guard by proposing to her while she is still in pajamas with bad morning breath and bed head. She must be prepared and looking at her best.

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