The Deadly Effects Of Premarital Sex That Has Caged Many

Effects Of Premarital Sex

Premarital sex is defined as the act of having sex with the other person whom you aren’t married to.

At one point in the historic times, it was considered a forbidden practice to have sex with one whom you aren’t married to, as doing so could lead to severe consequences if caught.

But Now as the times have changed, so also are the values and the societal standards of which our degenerating society has slowly embraced premarital sex as a way of knowing your compatibility with each other, and it has become the norm in relationships.

This new-found way had led to various responses from the society as well as religious bodies.

The significant question that begs for an answer is;

Have our society embraced premarital sex?

Do the youths of this age know the effects of premarital sex?

Waiting until you’re married before engaging in any sexual intimacy isn’t just some old ideal.

It can be of advantage to both partners and the relationship.

Likewise, having any kind of sexual intimacy before being married can also affect a relationship in several ways.

Premarital sex can cripple how couples relate to one other, change the flow of the relationship and could even come at the cost of a physical effect whose damage can’t be redeemed such as an unplanned child being brought into the world and most importantly, the sinning of the persons involved.

The Effects of such ungodly acts are listed below

  1. The law of life which talks about reaping what you sow applies here, once you start having extra-marital sex, the effect is extra-marital affairs.

Surveys have shown that people who indulged in having sex before marriage are more likely to have extra-marital affairs after marriage. Gen.8:22.

  1. It turns off God’s presence from been with you. As Christians, we are aware of the fact that God cannot behold iniquity. In 1 Corinthians 6:18, the scripture says; ‘Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body, but he that commits fornication sins against his own body.
  2. Your conscience will be tortured with thoughts of such act of disobedience.

STDs are passed often when couples have multiple sexual partners.

Although it doesn’t mean that you would have stds if you had sex with different people, however, the chances of not contacting such diseases are higher if a couple promises to abstain until marriage.

  1. It closes your sense from observing any wrongdoing or negative attitudes from your partner.

You might have your mind beclouded to manage the relationship which could lead to an awful marriage because of the temporary pleasures of sex.

  1. It destroys the trust you have built over time for each other. As such, it becomes pretty easy to suspect the other at the most flimsy instance, and it creates the room for unhealthy jealousy even when there’s no cause for such.
  2. You both lose the respect you once had for each other and the vision for the union gets blurred with temporal satisfaction of the moment

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