Every Woman Ought to Know These 3 Sex Benefits

Sex Benefits

If you are like several folks out there, you might have asked questions like;

Why doesn’t my Wife want to have sex more often? How can I convince her that MORE sex is of more benefit than less? Do women desire sex as much as men do? And if YES, does my wife or lover always turn down my sexual advances with claims of not being in the mood? Do any of these questions sound familiar?

If you’ve had the same experiences like the hundreds of thousands of men and women over the last few years, the simple truth is, you might have drawn into conclusion which gender has the bigger sex drive, right? However, most persons fail to understand is that  Men and women both have an insatiable desire for sex.

It’s just that the triggers to activating women’s desire is quite different from that of the men. The factors to sexual intimacy differ from that of the male.

The fact is that women are more intellectual when it comes to being stimulated towards sex. They have emotional desires, and mind-based motivations are needed to trigger the soft spots.

While for Men, their impulses are mostly spontaneous and biologically limited to sight. All that is needed is just to see something physically appealing.

At the moment, it seems are though your woman shows less interest in sex than you, and seems you are committing a legal ‘rape’ because only you get satisfied.

Lose no hope yet, as with these three quick tips of persuasion at your base of awareness, you can be sure of getting raving to have all of you to herself.

Sex is a NATURAL antidote to insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most prominent health-related challenges women (over the age of eighteen years) encounter, of which most nursing moms mostly have such sleeping difficulty.

To put in clear simply words, an intercourse at night where she reaches orgasm is by far a better night-time sleep medication than any other synthetic sleeping pills out there, and it’s one that will leave her feeling better in the morning to boot!

Sex reduces stress

Sex reduces stress hormones, one of which is the cortisol, which leads to irritation, inflammation, and thinking difficulties as well. In fact, the good feeling hormones emitted during sex (and orgasm) is so better than most medications as well. Oxytocin, is a hormone released when we hug, kiss or have a skin to skin connection with one another, it is often called the “love hormone” for the ability to balance abnormal behavior.

Sex is an effective exercise!

Most women I know spend lots of time feeling sad about the fact that they have less time to work out. Now here’s the news flash, all you need is just a moment of sex, 15 minutes of sexual intercourse could in several cases substitute a 60 minutes workout.

Now, here’s a better news, if she’s able to reach orgasm, it gets way better, as the hormones secreted during orgasm help strengthen her kegals, abdominal muscles and entire “core” as well. That is if you only pay your dues by making her scream of pleasure.

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