Your Friends Spouse is In love with You? – Here is the Solution

Your Friends Spouse is In love with You

How will you feel when upon realizing that your best friend’s spouse is in love with you?

That will be a secret you can’t afford disclosing to your best friend for fear of a break-up in their marriage and in your friendship with him.

If your friend’s spouse admires you and is making sexual advances towards you, it can at best be described as a lustful feeling or infatuation and not real love.

Your friend’s spouse must be suffering from sexual lust, which shouldn’t be where you ought to consider in the first place. That is someone’s else partner, whose space you ought to respect by not trespassing.

It is prudent for you to flee from that temptation without sparing a second to think about anything.

Taking such an urgent step of giving yourself a wide space between yourself and your friend’s spouse is critically needed to maintain a good and healthy relationship with your friend.

Most importantly, remember the experiences and emotions you had shared with your friend all through those years of friendship, do not throw aside such valid friendship over such beclouded emotions.

Are you trying to destroy what can’t be rebuilt by money? Have you forgotten that a friend indeed is one you will ever need by your side.

The whole infatuation she has for you can be so infectious that if you spare a chance to act diplomatically about the situation, it can get really bad once the whole emotions has worn off.

It is bad for the starters to even consider the thoughts of having an intimate sexual affair with your friend’s spouse.

If that happens, the trust and respect that existed between you and your friend can be completely broken and replaced with hate, and may never be repaired.

Make no mistake to forget that a ball when thrown to the wall, bounces back to you.

There are crucial ways to Avoid such Delusional lust

Do not visit your friend’s home when he isn’t around.

Always make sure to visit your friend when he invites you or you could call him before coming around. Remember that his spouse is not your best friend- you are!

If you want to make that phone call to your friend, it’s best you call his mobile phone; not his landline.

When chatting with your friend, avoid discussing anything about his or her spouse or very generic questions about how she is and all that.

Whenever such a topic comes to the front burner, kindly avoid it.

As much as you show interest in discussing issues regarding his spouse, this might arouse your passion to fall into a pit of lust.

Whenever your friend’s spouse invites you for lunch, try as much as possible to avoid the invitation politely with a smart reason to avoid hurting them.

And if you tied to the wall, with no option than to honor such invitation, kindly attend with your partner, friend or a family member.

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