How Deep and Important is Sex in Our Lives

Importance of Sex in Our Lives

We have been taught many things in our years of growth from childhood to how older we have become now, but you would agree that the subject ‘sex’ was the least taught of them all.

Most grown-ups got to learn about such a sensitive life course via other informal means.

Due to lack of proper orientation towards the subject whose impact can’t but be noticed, it has been held up as a subject not to be discussed, probably due to the societal shyness to have an in-depth discussion of the topic in public.

Sex can be that potent force whose effect can populate the world or be the means through which wars can spring up.

Sex even though it is one of the most common words tossed around the planet, it surprisingly has some secrets that would blow your minds when you get to know them.

This as such is what this Post attempts to show you even as ways to put such creative energy would also be shown.

The frame of mind required to help you understand sex well enough is to set aside any form of logical reasoning.

The talk of the moment is sex, especially in this 21st century.

However, despite the liberality of several societies, it is still considered a taboo or embarrassing to discuss one’s sensual feeling among many other persons.

What Sex Represents                                              

Sex represents the source of energy required to create life.

Sex is the energy of the universe.

One of the oldest books with lots of historical stories says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), it as such acknowledges how hugely mysterious the productive organs that brought you into being are. Sex is the root of your existence.

Take a moment to think through what happened on the day when you were conceptualized. Millions of your sperms from your father sprang out as swimming athletes in a race where one can only pass through the finish line to its price, which is an egg.

They literally compete, defying all odds, where each has a sole aim to survive by fusing with the egg.

Once the most daring athlete out of the remaining athlete reaches to hold an egg by entering the zygote, the curtain is closed as the remaining sperms stay back.

What an explosive moment and phenomenal work of nature, of which from that moment creates a perfect being like you who grew up within the walls of your mother’s womb for month till you were birthed to the world.

This is a mystery that hasn’t fully been explored- that is who you are.

With such ability within you, surmounting any obstacle that stands in your path and going on to replicate of natures ‘magic’ is a vision you have been born to run with, along with every other goal you are capable of achieving.

Sex is the energy of life that seeks to express itself. It is the magnetic attraction of the male and female.

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