How To Keep Your Sex Life Active With Your Partner

How To Keep Your Sex Life Active With Your Partner

As much as you desire the wonderful feeling of it, you won’t get to that ecstatic feeling of intimacy you both once had until you let go of the ignorant perceptions that have killed the sex drive for you both. Sex should be seen as a part of an expression between you both that starts hours earlier before ending with both of you in the bedroom, kitchen or just about anyway.

Be a little athletic

When it comes to the issues of the bed- there’s no place for respect, only a consensus agreement over which position is acceptable for you both. It’s also essential that you guys embrace a little adventure.

Set aside the ‘we are responsible’ thoughts in your minds- it kills the fun of being intimate with your partner. Bring in some sports thrill during sexual intercourse where there would be a very soft wrestling section, in which the man would playfully wrestle with his girl until he subdues her.

Relax Your Body and Mind

The pressure of trying to fit in the wrong way of sex from porn sites during intercourse with your partner would do you more harm than good. This isn’t some tug of war; all that is being painted from such videos aren’t real. Most of them get pumped-up with enhancers.

For you both, the experience of being intimate should create room for being relaxed. Neither is it a race to the finish for you both. You could start by massaging each other with a mild scented oil to re-stimulate and stretch your bodies. After which you could then gradually begin planting kisses on your partner softly.

Explore your breath together

This is an experience that goes beyond just intercourse. You will certainly enjoy it when you do it. The technique goes as thus.

The stronger one of you should sit on a chair, floor or the tip of your bed while your partner lays on you. After which you both wrap your feet around each other if possible. Hold on to each other tightly and breathe in and out together for a while.

Next, take the due time to discover the fragrance of your breathe and be swept off by each other’s breath. Enjoy the fact that it is just two of you alone that are in such state of the warm embrace. This form of embrace is way deeper than just intercourse.

Be Kids Once Again And Have Fun

Get rid of the ‘I’m Mr. so and so’ notion. Remember, you are within a confine where it’s just you and your partner who both are allowed to be wild and as playful as you both can.

Consider the moment of intimacy as one of those times when both of you were youth doing crazy stuffs together; bring some of those games back into your bed; then go on and have fun.

You both age physically as each second ticks on, but a means where you both could feel young mentally is to literally play like babies within the closet of your bedroom and bed.

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