How to know if your Girlfriend is taking Advantage of You

your girlfriend is taking advantage of you

One of the world greatest pop singer once sang a major record track which is titled ‘have you ever been in love,’ of which the singer in that track gave lists of unimaginable things you could do for the one you love.

Everyone craves to be loved by their closed ones- most especially the ladies who sometimes get to take for granted the intense passion a man has for her. Once she notices how your addiction to her grows by the day, you can be almost sure of been taken advantage of.

Sadly, most guys have embraced the notion that love is blind and chose not to respond accordingly to the soft-manipulation at play.

However, with the lists of observations to watch out for, you will be better positioned to discover it once it occurs and nip it in the bud.

She doesn’t settle for anything other than her desires:

A woman can be perceptive enough to know when she has got you within her inner space (right after she has done something super hot and sexy to make you think of her all day).

The next step is to subtly blackmail you emotionally with her needs or conditions, in which, should you challenge the demands, she would then pop the question of whether you love her or do not consider her worthy of those demands.

And she breaks into tears to win your sympathy and get you to heed to her demands.

You invest so heavily in the relationship

Need it be said that the essence of getting into a relationship isn’t to compete with among you both- that isn’t healthy. However, since what you share within you both is mutual, your girl ought to build up the relationship with you, it doesn’t need to be in the same kind or amount, but via other means.

Besides, true love seeks to give in whatever way possible.

She always flips the guilty Card on You:

The feeling of guilt is an emotional state most persons can’t handle well, and it is one feeling that is used by most to get things their way.

Since your girl knows that you are kind towards her, she could use that game on you anytime she has got a selfish need. Guilt is breed by accusation. How is that so?

Whenever she, for instance, needs your presence,  she could probably say ‘I know you don’t miss me anymore, which is why you haven’t called or checked up on me.’ You just noticed the accusation passed so that she could get you running to prove her wrong.  All that’s at play is so that you get defensive to her likely falsified allegation and prove her wrong by indirectly responding to what she needs.

It’s essential you are aware of the fact that manipulation, regardless of how it might show itself is a choice– you either call her out on her games or accept them.

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