Let go of the belittling ‘dude’ Playboy identity

Goodbye to playboy lifestyle

One shouldn’t be identified with the ‘dude’ identity, as it accords no respect to whom it is used on.

What comes to mind on hearing such words is the randy looking and shallow parody of a grown-up man. The man who is always uncivil in his conversation, rude and flirts around with women at any given time with no self-control.

All he sees in a lady is her physique, no level of intellectual understanding.

He is that ego-centric male always striving to be the alpha among the boys (whatever their age and maturity). He (in trying to be the corkiest dude among the packs of low motivated fellows) about the teenage boys whose brain is locked on to vaginas and boobs and “has only one thing in mind.

But men and yes, teenage boys are created to experience something much more profound than the clueless ‘non-entity’ we are sometimes identified with and have come to accept.

We are warriors in pursuit to overcome the enemies of our own soul! Yes, which is conforming to standards way lesser than who we are.

Yes, we are dreamers whose purpose is to defend and protect the weak and vulnerable. We are leaders with a heart for standing up for what’s right and just; our emotions are under check not to be traumatized by the ills our society might be suffering from-but that we find answers to the problems.

We appreciate the gifts and unique abilities of women and willing to have a sense of mutual respect for them.

Does all that is  been written up there about real men sound like something a dude is capable of attaining? I guess not

Our feelings are way too passionate to be limited to just sexual urges. Implanted in us by the universe is way more than the ability to only reproduce, but to build sound values in our offspring-which, a dude isn’t part of.

So then, when did we all start feeling comfortable with the identity of a dude, why did we accept such demeaning regards to our superior self that is capable of limiting us? Are we then afraid of matching up to our strengths?

This moment beckons on us the need to step up to our glorious calling to be Men of excellence. Those that can help shape the world positively.  This task is not an option. It is our mandate

The word ‘dude’ applies to little kids who we once were.

But the girls who we all grew up with are now grown up women, and they expect the same from the supposed ‘old school dudes.’ They yearn that we grow up in all facets of our lives.

How did we get to so low as to accepting the ‘dude’ image?

Are we at this moment in our lives still skeptical of what people might say in the course of challenging the norm?

After all of the victories we have heard of in history books about small folks who stood against oppression; do we need to accept a way of life so demeaning?

Are we OK with being seen as perpetual adolescents in a grown-up world?

Nah! Come on, guys. We are way better than this!

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