Relationship Advice For The Godly

Relationship Advice For The Godly

There are lots of information flying around that talks about Christian relationships and marriages.

However, these article aims to provide basic answers to core questions about the Christian faith.

You can be sure of being on the right path once a sober reflection is made on the answers.

Listed below are the questions.

  1. What does it mean to be a devoted Christian?
  2. How dearly do you hold your most holy faith?
  3. How essential is the Christian religion to you?
  4. The Meaning of “what does it mean to be a devoted Christian?”

The question should be the core basis of anything you do, because if you are proud to label yourself as a Christian then would you be also pleased to have a “Christian” woman for a girlfriend or wife.

  1. You need to know where your standing is with God, along with an idea of what point you are at in your walk with God.

You should be able to know and deeply reflect on what God has done for you in your years of existence, and how God can use you to impart the lives of others positively.

You can be sure of heavens joy if you can take a moment to explain your testimony.

2. It’s important to know certain things about yourself so that when you talk with a man/woman, asking him/her where she is in her spiritual walk with God becomes a question whose personal answer can be used as a gauge to understand the response of others.

Let either him or her know how important being a Christian is to you, and your walk with God as well. Don’t try to lie to impress anyone as the scriptures says that by their fruits, we shall know them. God wants the truth to be shared with each other in love.

What is that key value you are looking out for in any relationship?

When someone says, “I am looking for a nice Christian lady”, it is similar to what some other Christian men search for in ladies out there.

It’s just that there are lots of lovely ladies who call themselves Christian out there, of which you have to separate the fervent Christians from the rest.

Not everyone is operating at the same point in their walk with God. You might be further ahead than the other person, or the other person might be further ahead than you.

Some persons in a godly relationship break up with each other because of that fact.

By depending on you having something to do with him/her, the fact might not matter.

It is only being mentioned here because several Christians won’t not go out with other Christians due to the lower level of spirituality they perceive the other person is operating on in Christianity.

It says in the Holy Scripture that we are to build each other up in Christ Jesus.

Now, that is the whole point of being in a genuine Christian relationship

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