Sex As An Experience for Married Couples

Sex As An Experience for Married Couples

Dr. Gary once defined the challenges facing many married couples as one that was beyond the physical. He said, “Most sexual problems in marriage have little to do with physical technique but everything to do with emotional needs.”

Sex is a topic that brings up lots of thoughts and emotions. A healthy sex life creates an overall physically and emotionally happy well-being.

Sex, as a sacred act done within the confines of a home, is an amazing experience that refreshes the body and soul of a couple.

Do you have any cause to dispute how amazing sexual intercourse is, due to the disappointing experiences you had with your partner?

You are not alone in such thoughts as researches have shown that many married folks also have questions like:

How and why did all our early days of intense lust for each other drop reduce drastically?

We were once so carefree and lost in our playfulness, but why do I get tired when it’s time to have sex?

I feel there is a huge gap between us; when did it all go wrong along the way?

All of the disappointment, sadness, lack of desire, quiet desperation, and obsession to please the other can be the reason for the poor sex life between us.

One of the ways to get your sex life up its peak is to talk about sex with each other.

Are you both satisfied physically after a sexual encounter?

How happy are you with your sex life?

How can we improve certain aspect of our sex drive? Are there issues you have been burying that you need to talk about?

This is where you both need to find the courage to share your deepest concerns with your partner.

Assess where you are presently. There is no need to thinking about the past.

It doesn’t matter how the intensity of your ¬†closeness has gone down in the course of your marriage. It is quite normal that you get matured as you age on from the early thoughts of physical desires for yourselves to more profound companionship. Most marriages experience such changes in desires over time, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Upon asking yourself these questions and clearing the air, there are situations we must guard against which are;


These set of enticement arise when your marriage is at its lowest moments.

The media often paint certain illusions about others which looks rosy but isn’t. Do not fall into such a trap of trying to find happiness outside your marriage.

Declining Sex Drive.

A scenario where a partner has more intensity to engage in more sexual encounters, while the other has a low sex drive can be quite a challenge. While such issue is most common among women, it can be resolved when the subject is discussed and brought to the surface.


After both partners have done all that is required to have a healthy union by been sex-conscious, circumstances beyond your control can get in the way, such as an illness, or business engagement along with so many other reasons. In such times, you must be patient, committed and show understanding among yourselves.

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