Sexual Tips For the Next Level of Intimacy in Your Relationship

Sexual Tips For the Next Level of Intimacy in Your Relationship

In an age where sex is becoming a highly discussed topic, lots of books have been written solely to explain how the male and female sexuality can be further understood to make sexual intercourse an ever pleasurable experience.

There are lots of misconceptions that most folks have had while growing up, which this article aims to address.

For a fact, there is the right way to go about handling issues which if not followed, could lead to a series of frustration.

This post was written to help men and women get past the errors they have grown up hearing for most of their lives.

Lead Gently but Firmly

Just as with everything else, it is essential to lead each other gently through each stage of the sexual experience, but firmly.

You will want to communicate with one another to show each other where your hot spots are and let one another know what you want the other person to do and when to do it.

Make sure through the entire experience that you keep moving from one activity to the next.

Never continue one activity so long that it interrupts the building of sexual excitement towards intercourse itself.

Spend Time on Foreplay

The most challenging thing for most men and women is to have the patience to lead each other through foreplay without giving in to the desires of penetrating too soon.

The emotional and sexual pleasure for both the man and woman can be significantly increased by taking the time to bring each other to the maximum level of arousal before intercourse begins.

During foreplay, it is vital that the two of you are changing activities.

You will want to move up and down each other’s body from their head to their toes. You will also want to change positions

Learn the art of body massage

Body massage could stimulate your bodies in ways that can’t be imagined.

Rather than getting all quickie and going to sleep after the action, get out a massage oil, apply some tested massage techniques that would elevate your sexual performance above that of any other lover he/she has ever known.

If done well, you will have your partner desperate for more rounds. Switch styles before the old one become boring.

Try Out New Things

Imagination is the thing that separates a great lover from a bell-boy. You should always change up your sexual routine and the order as you perform them. You should always want to change up the location, the positions, and the time you make love. Never let yourself become predictable in regard to your sexual activity. Surprise your partner by been spontaneous.

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