Subtle Sex Language and signs

Subtle Sex Language and signs

There are two main ways of communicating, we communicate verbally and non-verbally, of which the non-verbal way, also referred to as the body language speaks way louder than the use of our mouth.

Lots of Misunderstandings between couples can be tied to not observing signs given off by the body. These conflicts can be avoided in most cases if they observe the signals passed non-verbally.

As such, this write-up aims to let you into the world of how those body movement made by a person meant something or a message which you ignored.

Once you have such in-depth knowledge, you would be able to communicate genuinely with the opposite sex sublimely, whether at work or on a date.

The language made non-verbally by our bodies is the same for all persons, even when we mostly use it sub-consciously.

The words can be mis-said, speech can be a lie, and it isn’t difficult at all.

But it’s quite different on the sub-conscious level, which is where the body language speaks.

According to researches done by many on the sub-conscious mind, it has been said that it doesn’t lie while a few others are of the opinion that it’s way harder to give false body signals than to lie with words.

Tests have shown that women understand and observe the body language of other people better than men.

This should be of no surprise if you get to see recognize where you erred in not reading a situation correctly.

There are lots of sexual gestures.

For a woman, the following sexual gestures are:

  • Trying to make her hair or fix her clothes once she notices she’s been looked .
  • A sharp head movement to throw hair off the face or from the shoulders to the back
  • A change in her style of movement, with her breast pushed forward and hip swinging left and right.
  • Stroking of her knees or thighs with her hands.
  • Crossed ankles;
  • While seated – her leg is bent under herself which implies that she is comfortable with you.
  • Showing her wrists as though she was handing you her hands to kiss. That is a pose to show you a hint of her smooth and delicate skin.

While men’s sexual gestures are:

  • The legs are spaced widely, whether a man standing or sitting. It is clearly visible in a train, where men, especially the young, often sit opposite women with widely spaced legs, as though to show the bulge in between their legs to the ladies.
  • His look does not stop at the face, but slips all over the body of a woman, “undressing” it.

Common sexual gestures for both genders are:

  • The placing of a hand or both on hips.
  • The opening of the legs wider than usual.
  • An intimate and intimidating look with mysterious hints.

There are so many other subtle clues to look out for. It should be known that his or her conscious mind may not yet be fully in tune with the body language. As such, do not go to him or her and say, “I can see you like me because you gave off a sign that shows you do.” Doing so will set you up for resistance.

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