The Most Convenient Sex Positions

The Most Convenient Sex Positions

Sex is majorly what it takes to keep your love life sparking, but this only happens when you learn what works for both you and your partner.

Lots of men out there are frustrated with the quality of sex they get from their women, all because they have not understood themselves.

Hence, most men get attracted to reaching out to a paid girl who doesn’t care about any form of intimacy and is all about the money.

Such experience from these ‘false’ girls in quote has made many men believe that something might be wrong with their real lovers.

Well, there might be a thing or two to learn from hanging out with that paid female as you can get to learn a few warm-up secrets which you could use in bed with your partner.

The real way to enjoy sex each time you have intercourse with your partner to ensure that both of you reach orgasm. Nothing makes a partner dissatisfied after a sexual meet-up as been hasty.

It could be understood in a case where you both want to have quick, intense intercourse, after which you all could head on to other tasks; but where you hasten-up and satisfy yourself, leaving the other partners who need to be fully explored, then you aren’t been fair.

It would be preferable to keep arousing the partner before any sexual intimacy than to lead them on, only to abort midway.

Many persons, especially the ladies are sexually starved despite having intimacy with their partners every day.

One way, therefore, to help both partners reach moments of orgasm is by getting into positions that stimulate the sexually sensitive parts of the body. Hence certain sex positions can help achieve such goals.

Below is a list of few sex positions that are simple to attain, yet effective in satisfying your partner.

The Missionary Style

This is the all-time most common position of them all. Even young kids try out sex using the up and over position. Although many people have become too familiar with it, this can be spiced up to be romantic. This can be done using a pillow right beneath the girl’s butt to lift her hips. Doing so brings the legs up which helps the man to thrust deeper. Nothing would be more pleasurable than this.

Table for two

This means changing things and picking different scenes for the exercise. It is enough to help you reach your orgasm. For the above move, you need a kitchen table whose height is up to your girl’s waist. The girl lies down on her back while the man thrusts into her while standing between her legs.

Legs On Shoulders

A classic take variation of the Missionary, this one can either be done with you lying down on her. This position gives the man all the control to penetrate but will allow for deeper penetration, so it is a win-win.

All you need do is to hold her legs to prevent your thrusting from pushing her away from you.

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