Truly – A Hug a Day Keeps Divorce Away

A Hug a Day Keeps Divorce Away

Would you like to experience more affection in your marriage?

Here is the most recommended exercise to keep the weakness of divorce far from you, and the beautiful part of the whole discussion is that it is simple to put into practice.

It is sure to work because every form of accumulated contempt and resentment that could add up each day is avoided.

This act is none other than a ‘Hug’ that is from the heart. It is so effective due to how simple it is to do- most of the best things of life are usually simple.

It is little things like this that are the often-overlooked keys to secrets of long-lasting relationships. Happy marriages include simple things that increase the chemistry in a relationship. Could there be anyone who does not want a more connected and loving relationship? I’m yet to find any other than sadists.

Here is a Practice Worth Trying

Try as early as you can in the morning to hug your partner, spending at least a minute cuddling yourselves.

A well-known person has been doing this for several years and recommends it as a therapy.

When you engage in such a habit, you both are making an implied statement that ‘you both cherish yourselves to spend a moment of intimacy together regardless of other schedules to be pursued.’

It is an opportunity even if it ‘s just for just a minute to feel your partner.

It is an awesome way to start the day. As short as 60 seconds is, it can at first seem long and awkward; so the first aim is to go for 30 seconds.

It doesn’t have to be while you both are upstanding, it can still be while in bed.

Regardless of how you both go about hugging, all that is important is that you imbibe the habit of daily hugging before leaving the house .

Right after you have showered and gotten set for the day’s activity, a perfect time to smile while hugging has presented itself. A pleasant warmth embrace from the heart is a fantastic tonic to each other’s minds.

Another option is to hug for six times a day in six seconds. Sounds crazy; right? Do you need to time yourself? Authors Steven and Patricia Love say that “if the first emotion of the day is a positive one, the next emotion is likely to be positive.”

They further say that the more you touch, the less resentful and attached you both will become.

Frequent hugs keeps the serotonin levels high enough to create a feeling of ease and calmness.

If you can start each and every single day with a hug and make it a lifestyle, you will surely build the affectionate tank or base of your marriage against the tough days ahead and that would improve your mental health, physical, and emotional well being.

Consider a hug or up to 6 hugs a day an insurance policy against any possibility of drifting apart.

Truly a hug a day keeps Divorce away

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